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With a staff of high quality instructors, specialists in different areas, we offer courses for the updating of knowledge in the maritime sector. Aimed at seafarers, merchant navy students, officers and staff of shipping companies, agencies and other actors in the area.

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We Offer

Loading Master Training

Provides participants with the necessary tools for the implementation of best operational practices and a structured approach to the management of marine oil terminals.

ISGOTT Familiarisation

Provides the participant with a general knowledge of the operational safety aspects of the transport by water, loading and unloading of hydrocarbons in bulk.

Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

Provides the participant with training related to indications established by the IMO to qualify as a DPA in terms of safety and environmental protection management in compliance with the requirements of the ISM Code.

Preparation for Vetting Inspections

Provides tools to improve the competitive standard of the vessel and personnel in the international market based on the guidelines and recommendations associated with Vetting inspections..

Container and Cargo Inspection

Train the participant to plan and execute the inspection of any type of container used in maritime transport, as well as of the cargoes inside.

Ship Appraisal

It allows the development of the necessary knowledge for the formation of experts in the valuation of vessels, being able to make recommendations and operational and practical strategies to increase the useful life of the property.

ISM Code Courses

Provides the essential knowledge necessary for the understanding and implementation of the International Safety Management Code, at a basic and advanced level.

ISPS Code Courses

Provides participants with basic and advanced concepts on security measures for ships and port facilities, according to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

Draught Survey

The course aims to provide training in the practical procedure for determining the amount of cargo on board ships through the Draught Survey method.

Chartering of Oil Tankers

Understand in 4 Modules, the essential elements linked to the chartering of Oil Tankers, know your market, legal basis and other knowledge needed to specify oil charters.

Chartering of Bulk Carriers

Provides knowledge about the functioning of the general cargo transport market and general notions about freight and its most important characteristics as actors, stakeholders and legal aspect.

Maritime Accident Investigation

To train the participants to identify the basic processes involved in the Investigation of Maritime Accidents, as well as their possible responsibility of action, according to their role, in each of such processes.

Crude Oil Washing and Inert Gas

Describe the characteristics and operation of the crude oil washing system with emphasis on the safety measures to be taken before and during the washing action.


Prodives training oriented to improve the competitive standard of the personnel participating in the use of the TMSA guide in processes of self-evaluation and elaboration of a SGS and basic familiarization with other systems of the industry.

Mooring Master Training

To provide the necessary theoretical knowledge to understand the functions and role of the Mooring Master, its required competencies, the complexity of cargo transfer operations between two ships, operational procedures and safety requirements,

Preparation and Training in Chemical Tankers

We provide training on the special conditions of chemical tankers, in the labor aspect, quality, safety and other aspects of relief for work on board these tankers.

Ullage Method

To provide updated information on the Ullage method for measuring and calculating cargo quantities on board oil tankers and production vessels, based on international standardized rules.

Inglés Técnico Marítimo Virtual

A través de nuestra AULA VIRTUAL, podrás ingresar al Curso de Inglés Técnico Marítimo en una plataforma que permite ir a tu propio ritmo, con videos y actividades didácticas. Nuestra Aula Virtual está disponible las 24 horas del día los 7 días de la semana.

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