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Seeking to support not only the professional development but also the personal and managerial development of workers in the maritime and port sectors. We offer courses that seek to strengthen management skills and interaction within organizations, creating healthy work environments and greater productivity.

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High Impact Productive Team Building "A Transformation from the Inside Out

Promote teamwork with motivational strategies that involve the participation of all members and the recognition that their contribution is relevant to the achievement of the objectives.

Effective time management - Effective Time - Productive Management

To provide useful information to optimize time management in a productive way by identifying strengths and weaknesses and applying the necessary tools to achieve maximum potential.

Managing Conflict from Emotional Intelligence

Know, handle and apply conceptual and practical elements of conflict management and resolution in both their personal and professional lives.

Neuromarketing: differentiate, influence and succeed

Apply the keys and patterns of neuromarketing to detect and meet the real needs of customers.

Change management "The power of adaptability"

To provide tools for a new vision of change and its processes; decreasing resistance barriers, increasing adaptability levels, facilitating the achievement of objectives in a more effective and orderly way.

Leadership "Who's following you? Who are you pushing?"

To provide personal and business leadership tools to effectively and efficiently lead work teams, manage conflicts, make decisions and raise the level of ascendancy with people in the environment for the achievement of objectives.

Assertive Communication "If You Don't Communicate... You Disappear"

Define and establish assertive communication skills as a fundamental means of achieving objectives.

Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques

To develop skills and strategies for decision making; effective solution and of the problems that emerge in the organization, diminishing the stress that the process implies, thus generating competences in the personnel.

Customer service as a differentiating strategy from the competition.

Study dynamics for the application of Customer Service Quality as the main variable in market success.

Essential Foundations for Occupational Risk Analysis

Identify existing risks in the work environment, conducting analyses using the correct guidelines to reduce hazards and minimize risks, effectively monitoring work performance and making adjustments required to minimize risks.

Leadership Development Coaching

To provide the participants with the Fundamental Theoretical and Practical tools of Coaching, elevating the Leadership Capacity; optimizing the Personal and Professional performance, as well as the Interpersonal Relations.

Ethics and Values

The course aims to provide participants with an integral vision of the organization’s philosophy, understanding the values that make it up and their impact on personal and organizational performance.

Interpersonal Relations

To provide participants with the tools to strengthen Interpersonal Relations that allow the integration and development of healthy working relationships, creating new levels of synergy to achieve the objectives proposed by the organization.

Emotion Management

Identify emotional intelligence as one of the most important factors that enables people and work teams to achieve success, recognizing the emotional world behind the behavior.

Motivation for achievement

Develop skills related to achievement motivation, so that participants can apply them in the successful achievement of their goals, plans, dreams and projects.

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